About the menu:

Due to the large amount of posts published, a way to access sets of related posts was needed. And so, a menu was made. The blog title is outdated. The main topics covered by the blog are reflected in the menu windows. Now follows a brief description about the less obvious content of some menu windows:

  • The About window contains posts about FormalSystem and the organisation of the posts.
  • The Personal Works window contains those posts about my personal writings.
  • The Axiomatic window, under the Philosophy window, contains posts about findings with interesting philosophical implications

The posts/articles of Formal System can fall in two categories:

  • Self-contained post: this is an ordinary piece of text that can be read on its own.
  • Series: posts/articles on this category are part of an ordered series of posts about a specific topic. Since the articles often mention things talked about in previous posts, it is best to start reading the first post and making your way in an ordered fashion.

List of Series: