Human, thinker, writer and sometimes bad student.

List of books and articles I find interesting:

  • Gödel Escher Bach: an Eternal Golden Braid (by Douglas Hofstadter)
  • Methamagical Themas (by Douglas Hofstadter)
  • The Mind’s I (by Douglas Hofstadter)
  • Stories of your Life and Others (by Ted Chiang)
  • The Merchant and the Alchemist’s Gate (by Ted Chiang)
  • Exhalation (by Ted Chiang)
  • What’s expected of us (by Ted Chiang)
  • Practical Ethics (by Peter Singer)
  • The Dangerous Philosopher (about Peter Singer)
  • Ethics (by Peter Singer)
  • 5000 B.C. and other Philosophical Fantasies (by Raymond Smullyan)
  • The Tao is Silent (by Raymond Smullyan)
  • This Book Needs No Title (by Raymond Smullyan)
  • Wabi-Sabi: for Artists, Designers, Poets & Philosophers (by Leonard Koren)
  • Which “aesthetics” do you mean: ten definitions (by Leonard Koren)
  • Logic for Dummies (by Mark Zegarelli)
  • Gödel’s Proof (by Nagel and Newman)
  • Frontiers of Complexity: The Search for Order in a Chaotic World (by Coveney and Highfield)
  • Complexity: a guided tour (by Melanie Mitchell)
  • Collapse of Chaos: Discovering Simplicity in a Complex World (by Ian Stewart)
  • The Laws of Thermodynamics: a Short Introduction (by Peter Atkins)
  • The Man Who Folded Himself (by David Gerrold)
  • Axiomatic (by Greg Egan)
  • The Nine Billion Names of God (by Arthur Clarke)
  • Tao Te Ching (by Lao Tzu)
  • Think Python (by Allen Downey)
  • Getting started with Processing (by Ben Fry and Casey Reas)
  • Invent Your Own Computer Games with Python (by Al Sweigart)
  • BASIC Artificial Intelligence (by Mike James)

List of ideas and historical periods that I find interesting:

  • Meta-ethics
  • Bio-ethics
  • Biomimetics
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Artificial Life
  • Rationality (Intentional stance)
  • Epicureanism
  • Utilitarianism
  • Determinism
  • Nonlinearity
  • Darwinian evolution
  • Irrationality
  • Jainistic ethics
  • Formal systems
  • Axiomatic systems
  • Cooperation
  • Rational empathy
  • Self-organisation
  • Simulations
  • Renaissance
  • Medieval Age
  • Edo Period

Blogs outside WordPress that look interesting:

1 – Blog about logic, philosophy and several other topics (there is an interesting selection of books as well)

2 – Blog about philosophy and ethics